Boat And Ship

Boat Cleaning - 10:1 Dilution

Boat motors can be degreased and kept clean by removing algae and other build-up from a boat's hull. Spray evenly and let it sit for 10 minutes before wiping with a Microfiber cloth. Faded paint can be easily removed by spraying the surface evenly and brushing with a soft brush then wiping with a Microfiber cloth in a circular motion. Tarps, awnings, canvas and boat covers can be cleaned with Liquid Magics Citrus Cleaner by spraying evenly and brushing with a stiff brush. Use a garden hose to rinse.

Faded paint can be easily removed by using a 10:1 dilution of Liquid Magics citrus cleaner. Spray evenly and use a soft brush or towel in a circular motion.

Clean deck or bilge by using a 10:1 dilution.

Ships – 10:1 Dilution

Liquid Magics citrus cleaner is excellent for most aspects of ship maintenance. Bilge, engines, decks, rust removal and degreasing can all be done using a 10:1 solution and a stiff brush. Liquid Magics citrus cleaner is biodegradable, so it can be rinsed off into the ocean, without effecting the environment. Liquid Magics citrus cleaner can also be diluted with seawater.


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