General Kitchen Cleaning - 20:1 Dilution

Spray & Wipe Liquid Magics citrus cleaner on all bench tops, floors, walls, tiles, glass, extractor fans, splash backs, oven, white goods, stainless steel and also use as a general spray and wipe throughout your entire kitchen. For best results use a Microfibre cloth. For dried food and tougher stains spray and let stand for a few minutes. Wipe and dry as normal.


Ovens 10:1 Dilution

Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees and switch it off. Spray a 10:1 dilution of Liquid Magics citrus cleaner onto the areas to be cleaned and brush it in to help break up the built up grease. Close the oven door for 10 minutes. Then use a paper towel to wipe clean. Re-spray with Liquid Magicscitrus cleaner if necessary and wipe clean using a Microfiber cloth.