Pre-Spray Stain Remover 10:1 Dilution

Always have a spray bottle of 10:1 dilution of Liquid Magics citrus cleaner in your laundry. Inspect all clothing before throwing into your washing machine. Spray all stains you find, making sure the area is well soaked. If it is a bad stain, agitate the area with the spray bottle nozzle, stiff brush or your fingers. Liquid Magics citrus cleaner works very well on ring-around-the-collar, cuffs, make-up, lipstick, grass, food, blood, wine, grease, dirt and most other stains. White socks can be cleaned by spraying them until they are soaked, then putting them in your washing machine.

Liquid Magics citrus cleaner can be used as a pre-spray for the laundry. However avoid satin, silk and soft leather. Spray all problem areas and allow 10-15 minutes sitting time.