Use Liquid Magics citrus cleaner on all your carpet stains. Whether it’s pet stains from the family pet or red wine from the last house party, Liquid Magics citrus cleaner is great on all types of carpet stains. We recommend to test in an inconspicuous place before using.

Follow these steps for the best carpet cleaning results.

  1. First: Vacuum the carpet before shampooing.

  2. Pre-spray – Soaking 20:1 Dilution.   Pre-spray all heavily soiled areas and stains with Liquid Magics citrus cleaner using a 20:1 dilution.

    On really tough stains soak completely. Using the nozzle of the Applicator Bottle, rub into the stain working Liquid Magics citrus cleaner into the pile. Blot or mop up with a Microfiber cloth, transferring the stain to the dry cloth. Wait a few minutes to see if the stain returns to the surface. Repeat the process if necessary.

  3. Shampooing : Using a standard carpet cleaning machine with a 12 Litre tank add 100ml of Liquid Magics citrus cleaner concentrate into the 12 Litre soap dispenser and fill with hot water. Add a cup of vinegar into the reservoir to de-foam the waste water. Shampoo the entire carpet and let dry. You will be amazed at how well Liquid Magics citrus cleaner brings your carpet back to looking new.

  4. Removing gum from carpet:   Warm up 100ml of Liquid Magics citrus  cleaner diluted 10:1 in the microwave. Take a toothpick or pin and punch holes into the gum. Liquid Magics citrus  cleaner needs to get into the carpet under the gum to work. Add the heated Liquid Magics citrus cleaner to the gum and keep punching holes into the gum. Allow to sit for a couple of minutes. Then take a spoon and start scraping the gum off. It will come off in small pieces.